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Fubá Environmental Education

Fubá Environmental Education was founded in 2015 by four educators and researchers who were passionate about the challenge of bridging theory and practice in environmental education.


In 2018, we evolved into a startup by embarking on innovative research aimed at developing an environmental education app with accessibility features for visitor spaces. This project is supported by FAPESP's Small Business Innovative Research Program. In 2019, we were selected to participate in the Sebrae StartupSP Acceleration Program.


Today, our diverse team is dedicated to delivering high-quality environmental education to an ever-expanding audience.

Why Fubá?

In Portuguese, 'Fubá' means a fine cornmeal used in various Brazilian culinary dishes. Is there anything more delightful than enjoying a cornmeal muffin in the afternoon paired with a cup of coffee? This is the sensation we aim to evoke: the smile that brightens one's face upon smelling a freshly baked cake, the cheerful and creative essence of yellow, and the pure joy found in the simple and playful pronunciation of the word 'Fubá'.

Where we tread


Our vision is to become a national and international benchmark for high-quality, inclusive, and innovative environmental education.


We aspire to contribute to the global dissemination of environmental education because we firmly believe in its transformative potential.

How we work

We are a socio-environmental enterprise, and our mission is to foster the development of more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive societies through experiential environmental education that drives both individual and collective transformations.

What we believe

Our work is grounded in values that are integral to our internal organization and our relationships with customers and partners: socio-environmental sustainability, dialogue, coherence, diversity, inclusion, and innovation.

Our Team


Andrea Nasser 

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Co-founder of Fubá Educação Ambiental


Di Tullio

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Co-founder of Fubá Educação Ambiental


Flávia Torreão Thiemann

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Co-founder of Fubá Educação Ambiental



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Co-founder of Fubá Educação Ambiental

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Bruna Patrizzi

Commercial and Marketing Manager

IMG-20230511-WA0021 (1).jpg

Monica Gonçalves

Environmental Educator

P_20180910_171055_BF (2) (1).jpg

Daniel Marchiori

Web Designer


Leonardo Roese

Systems Analyst CTO


Michel Soares

Environmental Educator


Sarah Furucho

Special Educator

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-05 at 11.25.25.jpeg

Eloá De Lucca

Sign language translator and interpreter


Renata Almeida

Environmental Educator

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-17 at 15.23.13.jpeg


Environmental Educator


Larissa Ferreira

Environmental Educator


Daniela Baptista

Environmental Educator


Nathália Formenton

Environmental Educator


Otávio Lino - Paxá filmes

Biologist and journalist

Lucas Beco

Environmental Educator

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