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We leverage technology to scale up, disseminate, and monitor environmental education initiatives.


BoRa can be customized for each visit and ecotourism location, serving as a personal guide on trails, protected areas, zoos, aquariums, urban parks, squares, and museums without requiring an internet connection.

Even if your institution receives thousands of visitors daily, with BoRa, each visitor can have their own guide in the palm of their hand, learning during the tour in a light and enjoyable manner. BoRa was developed to help your institution provide a distinctive, interactive, and accessible educational experience for your visitors, ensuring effective and high-quality environmental education.

How about having an app to enhance your institution's services without compromising on quality?

Purposes of the BoRa app

  • To improve the quality of visitors' experiences.

  • To organize and present tourist and educational information in one place, incorporating photos and quizzes.

  • To provide enhanced accessibility for individuals with various disabilities.

  • To innovate services for improved communication and environmental education with visitors.

  • To offer schools a didactic tool that can be used by all students.

  • To monitor and evaluate visitor profiles, satisfaction levels, and learning outcomes.

  • To promote your location by aligning its image with emerging technological trends in education, inclusion, income generation, and sustainability.


BoRa was developed following the principles of universal design, utilizing clear language, high-contrast colors, legible fonts, and intuitive imagery. The mobile application includes audio descriptions for on-screen images and videos with sign language translations for accessibility.

We firmly believe that environmental education is a fundamental right for all individuals. As a result, inclusion and accessibility are integral considerations in all of our projects.

Through the use of the BoRa app, we can assess the profiles of attending audiences, send personalized surveys, monitor the results, and simplify the process of generating reports and making informed decisions.
More about BoRa Advantages
  • Clear and straightforward language.

  • Offline content with GPS-based location.

  • Accessibility features, including universal design, audio descriptions, high-contrast visuals, and sign language.

  • Personalized and exclusive educational content.

Explore with the BoRa app

BoRa Parque Nacional do Iguaçu /Iguaçu National Park

BoRa Fazenda Bananal

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What our customers say...
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Our initial interaction with FubaEA occurred during the vacation activities organized by Parque Ecológico de São Carlos. At that time, the FubaEA team conducted a captivating storytelling workshop using origami for the children attending the Vacation Course Camp. Soon after, we were presented with the wonderful opportunity to develop the BoRa PESC app. This application quickly became an invaluable tool, particularly during the challenging times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our institution had to close its doors to visitors, and our regular attendees, especially the children, found themselves confined to their homes, missing our Ecological Park tremendously. The app bridged the gap, facilitating virtual interaction with the park and its offerings. It was meticulously designed, taking into account every detail and potential challenge. The FubaEA team proved to be exceptionally attentive, helpful, and competent throughout our collaboration. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone at FubaEA for their unwavering support and partnership.

Samanta C. Silva
Head of Ecological Park Section of São Carlos

About Fubá EA

Fubá Educação Ambiental is a socio-environmental startup founded in 2015 by four educators and scientists, supported by a multidisciplinary team.

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